TOGAF Deliverables life cycle

While studying TOGAF I assemble some comments, additions and considerations on the framework, which I will publish as blog posts. This is the first one.

The standard architecture framework  TOGAF 9 defines a list of deliverables (TOGAF 9, Chapter 36). Each deliverable is considered to be the output of a phase in the Architecture Development Method (ADM). E.g. the deliverable Architecture Definition Document contains the main architectures in terms of business, application, information and technology. The Architecture Definition Document is drafted in phase B, C, D and E, and finalized in phase F of the ADM. TOGAF 9 defines about 22 deliverables, to be delivered within a cycle of 10 phases.

It strikes me that there is no overview of the deliverables in terms of its life cycle: when the deliverable is conceived, when it is finalized or approved. There is an overview of all deliverables in relation to the phases in terms of input and output (chapter 36.1) but that doesn’t reveal the life cycle.

In the next table I assembled all deliverables and defined its status in relation to the respective ADM phases. You can also view the document in Google Docs.

The legend is as follows:

  • red means: the deliverables in mainly defined or finalized (validated) in this phase.
  • orange means: the deliverable is partly made in this phase.
  • dark red means: the deliverable is updated during this phase.
  • green means: the deliverable is only used as input in this phase.
The table makes clear at what stage the deliverables are considered to be made and finalized. It also gives rise to some questions, which I hope to address in a next blog post.


8 thoughts on “TOGAF Deliverables life cycle

    1. Agree with the word of caution. What is a deliverable when it cannot be “consumed”? It is waste, as you point out. Even better than consumables, I think, are executables. What if we could make our architectures executable?

  1. A question: if the building blocks, which are green in the diagram, are used in the Vision phase, where (in which phase) they are made? Excellent help by the way.

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